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Now the Festival of Quilts 2018 is behind us...

Angela Madden

Well, the Festival of Quilts is finally behind us for this year and we can all sit back, review our purchases and make plans for our next project. Thank you so much all those who visited my stand, it was great to meet you all both old and new friends and hear about your groups and individual works in progress ..... or best intentions!

Many people asked about my teaching schedule for the next couple of years. I do not publish my schedule as I am usually booked by specific groups for their members or individuals for friends and it is their decision to include non-members if they wish. Again thank you to all the groups who have already booked and to any considering it please get in touch as although so many groups are booking two years ahead I still have spaces and would love to fit your group in wherever you are ( I travel from U.K. to Nw Zealand  and everywhere in between). Just contact me through this website and suggest three or four dates and I can usually reply by return. It is putting the date in the diary that is the important thing as the subject of the workshop can be decided later at your convenience. My most popular talk is 'The History of a Quilter' which is a rolling subject enabling me to bring lots of items from my past right up to the present. No two talks are the same and include many different techniques, indeed something to interest everyone. I pass a lot of smaller items around and do not need any special equipment such as a projector.

All my workshops are suitable for all levels of needlework or artistic talent ( the 'artistically challenged' are especially welcome !)

I look forward to hearing from you!


What are you looking for?

Angela Madden

Hi Folks ... A Happy New year to everyone.

As usual I have several ideas on the go at present which I will develop as the year goes on (and hopefully you will find them inspiring and fun), However it occurred to me that if you are looking at this site you may well have a specific need in mind which at present is not being answered... so I am more than open to suggestions for what kind of techniques you might like me to look at finding a fast and easy way to do?

if anything occurs to you please comment below and I'll get onto it.... especially while this freezing cold weather is here!



The Festival of Quilts' and a good laugh with 'The Quilting Lawyer'

Angela Madden

A big thank you to everyone who visited my stand at The Festival of Quilts last week in Birmingham it was simply lovely to meet up with so many long standing and new friends. I hope that you all enjoyed the show.


Also another big thank you to all who commented favourably and bought my new book 'Surprising Silhouettes'.

I sincerely hope that you all have fun using my techniques... and don't forget to send a photo to put on the website. At present it is best to e mail angela@ sew-easy.co.uk if adding a photo.

A lovely lady at the show suggested that I might like a lecture given by a quilter's long suffering husband ... I loved it   .....   Google 'the quilting lawyer'  and you will love it too!

Gales outside..... good ideas within !

Angela Madden

Thank you to all who attended my recent lecture and Celtic Masterclass in design at the Quilter's Guild Conference and A.G.M. at Harrogate. I hope you all enjoyed it and returned home full of ideas.

I have included a 'work in progress' pic of my now completed wall hanging. 


At present I am working on my new workshop and book which is coming along nicely and I will soon have pics and info to share. Each time I think I have sorted the technique I discover a whole lot of new ideas. (It is really good to be inside today working on this as there are strong gale force winds outside !)

A blogging beginner!

Angela Madden

Everyone tells me that I should have a blog....... 

so here goes .... into the unknown!

I intend to show pics of what I'm doing from time to time and put details of classes etc. So please check back from time to time to hopefully find something interesting  Please let me know what you think and  I'll do my best!

The golden Lily pic on the page top is a new wall hanging that I've made for the hall in my new house. (The size was totally controlled by my need to hide unsightly switches and sockets that the builder had thoughtfully scattered all over that wall) Machine stitched using my freezer paper appliqué technique         ( see 'Beautiful Blooms' book)  from a variety of fabrics including those for furnishing. Of course it contains the added 'bit of glitz' and sparkles nicely when the hall light is on!