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Quilter, Author, Teacher, Textile Designer..her Books, DVDs and Tools offer simple, effective creative techniques for Celtic Design quilts, Floral Applique, Geometric Star, Perspective, Patchwork and quilting ,Textile art..

A blogging beginner!

Angela's Blog

A blogging beginner!

Angela Madden

Everyone tells me that I should have a blog....... 

so here goes .... into the unknown!

I intend to show pics of what I'm doing from time to time and put details of classes etc. So please check back from time to time to hopefully find something interesting  Please let me know what you think and  I'll do my best!

The golden Lily pic on the page top is a new wall hanging that I've made for the hall in my new house. (The size was totally controlled by my need to hide unsightly switches and sockets that the builder had thoughtfully scattered all over that wall) Machine stitched using my freezer paper appliqué technique         ( see 'Beautiful Blooms' book)  from a variety of fabrics including those for furnishing. Of course it contains the added 'bit of glitz' and sparkles nicely when the hall light is on!