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Have an after Christmas 'Twiddle'

Angela's Blog

Have an after Christmas 'Twiddle'

Angela Madden

None of us have any time for quilting or projects before Christmas, but here's an idea for the 'after Christmas lull 'which might interest you,

Folks suffering from advanced dementia often have restless hands and pick at their clothes etc. especially if distressed or agitated. A 'twiddle muff' has been found to calm and help. It is only a tube, knitted, stitched or quilted, big enough to put both hands inside like a muff. All sorts of eye catching and interesting items can be firmly stitched to both the outside and the inside to be twiddled, providing visual and tactile stimulation, be diverting and calming and providing a basis for conversation and maybe memories.

I made the two pictured above, from a piece of mohair fabric, and the local Care home tried them out and were extremely enthusiastic. One lady happily twiddles hers for over 2 hours which was unheard of.

So now I'm checking my button box. finding bits of ribbon and different feeling fabric pieces, old keys, knotted string, beads to go inside small bags, or to be pushed up and down on stout cord... whatever?.. it is certainly stimulating my imagination, So if you want a small, quick and very useful project after the festivities are over, try making your original 'Twiddle muffs'. I'm sure your local Care home will gratefully receive them.

Who knows we all might be in need of a 'twiddle' in the future.... if so, I hope someone makes me a bright, colourful and interesting one... (and if I'm truthful I've already had fun with the ones I've passed on!!! ) Don't forget to send a pic to this website if you make any.... I'd love to see them.

Hoping everyone has a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and that I'll see lots of you in fun workshops in 2016.