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A Quilter's Moan !

Angela's Blog

A Quilter's Moan !

Angela Madden

Some of you may already be aware having 'suffered' in past workshops that i have taught, I get the urge to turn 'poetic' from time to time. (  but understand that is a very loose use of the term!)

this is one of those times...

        U.K. Quilter’s Election Moan.        

                                                     © Angela Madden 2015

I really hate elections

I’ve had it up to here.

We’ve several weeks to go worst luck,

I wish the date was near.

We’ve broadcasts on the telly

The leaders promise all,

Manifestos try to sell me,

Polls project a real close call.

There’s Nick and Nige and Ed and Dave,

Not much to pick between,

They’re red and blue and yellow too

There’s purple and there’s green.

There’s lots of kissing kiddies

A bit of bricklaying too,

Debates that make you giddy

Between that motley crew.

Dire economic forecasts

And yes the N.H.S.

There’s debt and tax and Trident too,

The country’s in a mess.

There’s that young Nicky Sturgeon

That Plaid Cymru woman too.

They want to hold the balance

Between the other two.

Ed Milliband’s been called a ‘geek’

(To Grommit he’s related)

He’s keen to give the job and try

So long for power he’s waited.

His brother’s not too keen on him

Since beaten last time round,

But Ed claims he’s a lovely guy.

With policies so sound.

Our Dave’s a ‘toff ‘it’s fair to say.

His schooling was at Eton.

Claims he’s no snob, he likes his job

He’s keen not to be beaten.

Now Nick’s an earnest fellow

He wants us to vote Clegg,

But promises he just can’t keep

So please don’t pull my leg.

Nigel seems a jolly chap

He likes a pint of beer

From Europe he sure wants us out

To make our own rules here.

This circus soon will over be

With voters all the blame

We’ll wonder what it’s all about

When life goes on the same.


Why can’t they all be quilters?

And their time better use,

Then new ideas might fire me up

And not give me the blues.

Instead of scrapping every day

Their colours they could blend

And set up a joint quilting show

The venue?   No 10.