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Quilter, Author, Teacher, Textile Designer..her Books, DVDs and Tools offer simple, effective creative techniques for Celtic Design quilts, Floral Applique, Geometric Star, Perspective, Patchwork and quilting ,Textile art..

Paradise Flowers

 Beautiful patchwork floral designs for quilts.... the simple way..

Floral quilts, applique book

Flowers and quilts are a truly magical combination.

From the earliest days of patchwork floral images have been lovingly reproduced by piecing or appliqué. 

'Paradise Flowers' takes the piecing route and shows how to speedily design flowers to suit every purpose.

First time sewers and experienced patchworkers alike can assemble these blooms efficiently and accurately ....a vital pre-requsite for enjoying sewing.

'Paradise Flowers' are easily drafted, and require no special artistic ability for success..

They can be used in a variety of ways to create quilts of any size depending on the level of commitment and time available.


Designs can use simple lone flower or combine many flowers in an amazing tessellated pattern formations. 


They will easily rival anything a professional designer can achieve with the aid of a high tech computer. 

Floral Patchwork quilts.
sample pages Paradise Flowers






Price.     £16.00


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