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Quilter, Author, Teacher, Textile Designer..her Books, DVDs and Tools offer simple, effective creative techniques for Celtic Design quilts, Floral Applique, Geometric Star, Perspective, Patchwork and quilting ,Textile art..


Author, Teacher, Quilter, Textile Designer

'If sewing isn't successful and fun .... why do it?' 

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The methods I have developed and share with you here are guided by the following principles....

  •    My techniques should be accessible to everyone, no special skills are required.
  •   Projects can be completed on almost any sewing machine. 
  •   The techniques are the fastest and most efficient I can find which guarantee success.
  •   Final results should stand scrutiny, reaching the highest possible standards.
  •   I believe that anyone can learn to design and sew original quilts if they have a positive outlook and are taught simple methods.                            
  •  There are no 'brownie points' in Heaven for doing things the hard way !

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