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Quilter, Author, Teacher, Textile Designer..her Books, DVDs and Tools offer simple, effective creative techniques for Celtic Design quilts, Floral Applique, Geometric Star, Perspective, Patchwork and quilting ,Textile art..

Circle Slice Ruler

Circle Slice Ruler...Star quilt design
Circle Slice Ruler..

The Circle Slice Ruler is a great tool for drafting, designing and creating a variety of geometric  star / Kaleidoscopic designs the simple way. 

The ruler allows you to draft accurate sections for your designs  without worrying  about anything mathematical, so you can concentrate on designing and creating your project.  

Create traditional patchwork stars or more original designs .. the Circle Slice Ruler makes it easy..

Whether you are an experienced patchworker / sewer or a new beginner this is a useful addition to your toolbox.

Price.   £7.00



The ruler is an essential tool for the techniques explained in the Slice Up a Circle book  to create Stars,  Kaleidoscopes, Mariner's Compass and more.

It is also an essential tool to use with the Magic Celtic DVD , another simple technique for designing Celtic knotwork.

It is an optional extra for extending design possibilities in the book Paradise Flowers.